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يحمي ORAM ويمكّن طالبي اللجوء واللاجئين من مجتمع الميم على مستوى العالم ، مما يخلق الاستدامة والتغيير المنهجي.

المجتمعات حول العالم


We provide protection, safety, and stability to LGBTIQ refugees in transit countries.


We empower individuals, organizations, and communities in transit countries. 

Sustaining the Sector

We support the queer refugee sector towards sustainable solutions. 


We champion the rights of LGBTIQ refugees.

Places of Operation



Kenya is one of the few countries in Africa to accept refugees based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. LGBTIQ asylum seekers in Kenya face harsh challenges such as restriction of movement and widespread discrimination. We provide refugees with tools to generate income and support themselves through training, economic empowerment, capacity building, mentoring, and seed funding. ORAM works with LGBTIQ refugees who reside in the Nairobi metropolitan area, Kalobeyei settlement, and Kakuma Refugee Camp.



According to UNHCR, Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine resulted in over 6 million Ukrainian refugees with most of them seeking refuge in Europe. ORAM addresses the unique needs and challenges of LGBTIQ individuals by providing short-term housing, community-building, and economic empowerment through data and tech skills training. ORAM has also launched an Inclusion Training program to make mainstream refugee programming more inclusive for the displaced LGBTIQ community across Europe.  



Mexico is the migratory corridor with the most significant movement globally (IOM, 2016). As such, the country sees many LGBTIQ asylum seekers who have fled their countries of origin due to persecution and discrimination. ORAM identifies and collaborates with LGBTIQ and refugee-focused shelters in Mexico City while building relationships with key partners, collaborators, service providers, and stakeholders. Through these connections, ORAM created an orientation guide to assist LGBTIQ refugees who have recently arrived in Mexico City.  

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