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Bulgarian Refugee Council



The BCRM is focused on building a system where every person may freely participate in all spheres of activities of the Bulgarian society, based on the principles of equality, non-discrimination and tolerance. The BCRM develop and strengthen the cooperation and partnership between the state institutions, local authorities and non-governmental organizations for legal and social protection to refugees and migrants. They also encourage intercultural dialogue, tolerance and non-discrimination towards refugees and migrants.


The Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants (BCRM) works to ensure the sustainable role of the civil society organisations in the system for protection, reception and integration of refugees and migrants in Bulgaria.


موقع الكتروني:


+359 2 427 17 43

بريد إلكتروني:


Office 118, First floor, 76 James Boucher Blvd., 1407 Sofia

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