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Enda Sante



Community health
The health of mother and child
The fight against STIs / HIV-AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases
Promotion of Medicinal Plants and traditional medicine
Neglected tropical diseases
Gender and human rights
Strengthening of policies, public and community health structures
Promoting the action of all health stakeholders
Research, capitalization and dissemination of scientific information and local knowledge in health
Training, support and pooling of knowledge in health and development


ENDA Santé, an international organization with regional influence. Its main mission is to support populations - particularly vulnerable groups - in the defense of their rights for access to information and adequate health services.
To do this, taking into account aspects related to ethics and gender remain areas in which Enda santé has included its concerns for the coming years.


موقع الكتروني:


+221 33 867 02 62

بريد إلكتروني:


56, Cité Comico VDN, BP: 3370 Dakar

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