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Equality Triangle Initiative (Formerly Queer Alliance)



Queer Alliance is youth-led human rights and health advocacy organization for Nigerian citizens marginalized on the basis sexual orientation and gender identity. Queer Alliance was born out of the need for a strong and bold advocacy for this community at a time when this was not existing. We are dedicated to the civil liberties of all Nigerian regardless of any status. Since its establishment, Queer Alliance Nigeria has focused on delivering advocacy and peer based services to the LGBT community, in Lagos and Delta State advocating for their respect and recognition, legislative changes of repressive laws and for their fundamental human rights and inclusion in health and other policies.


Queer Alliance works to advocate for the human rights of sexual minorities by enhancing, supporting and promoting knowledge on issues of sexual diversity, human rights and gender justice. Queer Alliance aims to improve the living realities of LGBT people through advocacy, leadership development, media and research/documentation.


موقع الكتروني:


+234 705 857 1461

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