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Human Right Activists News Agency (HRANA)  



Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) is the press association established in 2009 by Iranian human rights advocates in order to report and disseminate daily news of human rights violations in Iran. HRAI seeks to provide direct, legal assistance to the victims of human rights violations using attorneys and legal entities at its disposal. These services are provided pro bono. They also take necessary legal actions to defend and protect the victims. As well, HRAI strives to educate the public and groups on the principles of human rights and how to protect them in the community.


HRAI’s mission is to protect the human rights of all Iranian citizens regardless of their religion, political views, social status, gender or ethnicity. The organization defends freedom of speech, association and press. They oppose capital punishment including stoning. They strive to protect the environment and are advocates of women’s rights, children’s rights, labor rights, gay rights, and the rights of ethnic and religious minorities. The organization condemns the expulsion of college students as a form of punishment for their political beliefs and fights for the right to education.


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