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Illinois Legal Aid

USA - Illinois


Even the playing field for people who can't afford a lawyer. Where would you go if the lawyer was out of reach? Over 3 million people will use our tools this year to help with crises such as unemployment, food insecurity, abuse, eviction, deportation, divorce and debt.
Use technology to infinitely scale the number of people you can handle. ILAO's Form Library provides over 80 apps that generate free legal papers for those seeking solutions to their legal problems. With nearly 40,000 personalized documents created this year, ILAO believes that the law is for everyone.


At ILAO, we believe in justice. We believe the law is for everyone. We know, however, that not everyone is equal in the eyes of the legal system. Race and culture, language, education, location, time, disability, and income are enormous barriers to using the law to get justice.

For nearly 20 years, Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) has simplified the law so that people can seek justice and resolve their problems. Through innovation, we make the law understandable and accessible. We give people tools to help themselves get the justice they seek. Because of ILAO, people can navigate the legal system with confidence and don't feel alone.


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