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Lithuanian Gay League



Development of fundamental human rights and freedoms and equal opportunities in Lithuania;
Activities aimed at faster integration of LGBT people into the labor market;
Activities aimed at reducing social exclusion of LGBT people;
promoting family diversity;
mobilization of members and involvement of various social groups in the activities of the organization;
provision of information and advice on equal opportunities at work;
organization of seminars, training, meetings and other educational and charitable events;
organization of social and cultural events for the LGBT community;
developing the competence and teamwork of the members of the organization.


The national LGBT * rights organization LGL aims to eliminate homophobia, all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. By organizing educational, support events and representing the LGBT community, LGL aims to create an open and respectful social environment for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people.


موقع الكتروني:


+370 5 2610314

بريد إلكتروني:


V. Šopeno g. 1-1, LT-03211 Vilnius

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