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Los Angeles LGBT Center

USA - Los Angeles


Health services, Social services & housing, Culture & education, Leadership & advocacy.


We value:

Respect. We provide a workplace and service environment where individuality is seen as strength and all people are treated with fairness and dignity.
Excellence. We dedicate ourselves to the highest quality in all our programs and services, and seek employees, volunteers, and supporters who have a passion for helping others.
Inclusiveness. We believe in the need for different perspectives and commit ourselves to representation from all members of our diverse community.
Innovation. We vigorously support pioneering programs and advocacy to meet community needs.
Integrity. We work together to advance the Center's mission, and we honor and apply these values in what we do and say.


موقع الكتروني:



بريد إلكتروني:


3055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 360
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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