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Many Coloured Sky



Organization-wide, they focus on organizational development and capacity building, sector development and awareness raising, in addition to stakeholder and ally engagement. In Uganda, they develop activities that provide concrete and comprehensive support to LGBTQI young people who have been forced to flee from their family and community and who have no safe residence and no means of supporting themselves. In addition, the LGBTQI young people who they support receive a year of vocational education and training with a choice of vocational streams, a safe and inclusive place to live and all of their material needs, and at the end of that time are supported with apprenticeships and industry connections to transition to an independent life.


Many Coloured Sky supports LGBTQI+ organizations with capacity building planning and project development, and empower those at the margins and intersections of LGBTIQ+ communities to participate fully and equally. They undertake projects both in Australia and internationally.


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(1) +61 400 121 907 (2) +61 432 356 145

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