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Moscow Helsinki Group



The MHG is a multidisciplinary human rights organization that is engaged in human rights monitoring, protection of vulnerable groups and human rights defenders, propaganda of human rights ideas, seeks to help strengthen control over the activities of government bodies by civil organizations and human rights defenders.


The mission of the Moscow Helsinki Group is to promote respect for human rights and build democracy in Russia. To this end, the MHG, since its inception, has been identifying violations of human rights and taking measures to achieve compliance with international human rights obligations assumed by the Russian Federation. A democratic state governed by the rule of law cannot exist without a strong civil society. Therefore, after its re-establishment in 1989, the MHG is doing everything possible to strengthen and promote civil society in Russia, providing all-round and all-round assistance to the development of the human rights and social movement in the Russian Federation.


موقع الكتروني:


+7 (499) 553-03-12

بريد إلكتروني:


Address: Moscow, Krasina lane, 15, building 1, office 1

Postal address: 123056 Moscow, Krasina lane, 15, building 1, office 1

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