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Platforma de Apoio Aos Refugiados



A voluntary project was developed to support the emergency reception work, which was aimed at monitoring and caring for the refugee populations who, after having been fleeing from their countries of origin, were already in a place in safety. PAR is a platform for Portuguese civil society organizations to support refugees.


The Refugee Support Platform was born from the leadership and initiative of Civil Society to provide a concerted response to the current global refugee crisis, especially in the face of the situation in Europe.

only receives refugees through portuguese governmental programs, through "PAR Famílias" project - we don't do it through private referrals. In any case, we are available to support, advise and inform individuals in need of help, within these means.


موقع الكتروني:


217 552 790

بريد إلكتروني:


Rua Rogério de Moura, Lote 59
1750-342 Lisbon

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