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Sociala Missionen



We offer advice, information and support talks in matters concerning rights within refugee issues, social issues and elderly issues.

We also run collaborative projects for asylum seekers together with several of the Social Mission's member congregations, and work with information and influence within our issues.


The Social Mission works for a fairer world. Our task is to give people in vulnerable life situations support to be able to take control of their own lives.

Sociala Missionen is a non-profit non-profit association which since its inception in 1917 has worked to fight injustice, provide advice and support and conduct public opinion work in the social and diaconal area.

Today, we run the activities counseling in social issues and refugee issues .

Our purpose is to contribute to improved living conditions for our target groups through our activities, as well as active opinion and network work.


موقع الكتروني:


08-556 023 00

بريد إلكتروني:


Sociala Missionen, Högbergsgatan 31 A, 116 20 Stockholm

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