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The Greek Council for Refugees



The Greek Council for Refugees’ (GCR) legal unit provides legal assistance and counseling to those who come to the organization and are in need of international protection or belong to particularly vulnerable groups. In addition, GCR’s social welfare services include: information and help in several languages about refugee housing, emergency relief, emergency shelters & social welfare benefits, escorting and practical assistance for medical & hospital emergencies, appointments with health and government services, intensive psychosocial programs for refugee victims of torture, unaccompanied children, people held in migrant detention, victims of crime, gender-based violence, and domestic violence; refugee employment advice, job matching and referral to local job vacancies, refugee educational counseling including assistance with school enrolments, free Greek & English language classes and a wide range of refugee family groups and activities for recognized refugee families and children, and child & family psychological counseling for vulnerable children and families.


The ultimate goal is their protection and their smooth integration in our country; aiming to defend the rights of refugees in Greece.


موقع الكتروني:


Athens: +30 210 3800990-1 +30 231 0250045 , Thessaloniki: +30 2311 821677

بريد إلكتروني:

Athens:; Thessaloniki:


Athenis Office: 25, Solomou str., 10682; Thessaloniki Office: 9, Danaidon str., 54626

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